Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

When the big day is at its final chapter, I can't help but celebrate with everyone else. These are the moments that are jammed packed with expressions & emotions, which can go unseen and missed without being captured. 

As I edited this bundle of photos, I wanted to give it a polaroid feel, photos taken in an instant, doing my best to recreate the life that was present then and there. 

Cheers, Carly & John

Layering Study, 2015

These are notes and final pieces from a series I created in college. This work was almost entirely formed by my personal memories and observations. Some of these date back to childhood, while others were contemporary at the time. A push and pull of resolution and irresolution was established as I was extracting these photographs, drawings, and words from their archival sources. To me, it was a way to journal - cataloging thoughts and ideas in the hope for a personal resolution to take place.